Danish design

Usmeus is a danish designbrand featuring designs from cand arch / designer Lene Schødt.

Usmeus designs aims to make life a little better and people a little happier 🙂

Free freight over EUR 250

If you buy for more than EUR 250 to delivery in Europe, freight is on us 🙂

Off course we are happy to ship to the whole world, feel free to contact us to hear more about the freight costs to your part of the world.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Off course we follow the law regarding cancellation and complaints related to the products we sell.

BAEKKE – sustainable jewelry

The sustainable jewelry in the BAEKKE series is basic jewelry that you can wear for many years – maybe even for the rest of your life. The jewelry is designed and born based on several sustainability principles (read about the principles that UsMeUs works with here) With the pearls, you can design the jewelry and change their appearance according to desire and outfit. You can buy more pearls in other colors as needed. The series consists of bracelets, pendants for chain and hoop, ear studs and chain earrings.

Small streams – social sustainability

The name BAEKKE comes from the proverb “Small streams make great rivers”. The idea behind this is that support opportunities are regularly linked to the individual colors of pearls, so that selling the pearls triggers donations and support for various organizations. These are also sustainable jewelry. Everything helps and it is better to do little than nothing. We all know that many small streams make a big stream ❤️

Recyclable materials

The jewelry is made of silver, brass and gold-plated brass with 18K red gold (3 microns, which is the recommendation of Danish goldsmiths).

The beads are made of durable plastic *, which ensures that they can be clicked on and off the bracelet again and again. (* PE – polyethylene, which is highly recyclable).

The beads are produced in Denmark at Dencker A/S. We recommend that you do not leave the beads on the jewelry when you are not using it – to prevent the plastic from “tiring”.

From cradle to cradle

When we write sustainable jewelry, it is important to us that the materials can be largely recycled after their lifetime as jewelry, so that they can become another product with the same or higher use value. The jewelry is therefore also designed so that the materials can easily be disassembled and recycled separately. We must ensure that resources are used in the best possible way and kept in circulation for as long as possible.

Danish design

BAEKKE is Danish, sustainable design – with a twist. We love to mix materials and create flexibility and a basis for many years of use.

One piece of jewelry, endless expressions!

UsMeUs BAEKKE jewelry

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