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Bags and clutches – Timeless accessories for any outfit

For most women, it is the accessories and the small details that complete every look. Often, the final detail is lacking before we can step out the door and meet the world with confidence and with a smile on the lip. Bags and clutches are a women’s best friend. The right bag or smart little clutch can change one’s radiance and quickly change an otherwise boring outfit. In fact, it’s hard to imagine going out into the world without it over your shoulder or under your arm. The bag is and will be a faithful companion, whether we are on our way to an important meeting at work, for a family birthday or a fun city trip with the girlfriends. There is a bag for every occasion and every mood, so we can always have the most essential on the go.

Timeless design with edge

If you are looking for a new everyday bag or beautiful clutch, you are the right place. USMEUS knows the Danish modern woman, and by what needs the perfect clutch or bag should be able to fulfil. The keywords behind our designs are timelessness, quality and personality. In other words, when you take our bags into use, you must feel that you have a classic, simple and delicious product with you with lots of edge, which ensures that you stand out from the crowd. Our focus is to produce bags of the best quality, which ensures a long shelf life. At the same time, the design must also be durable so that you can pull the bag forward from the wardrobe season to season and still feel that it is usable. Although classic lines and timeless design are at the forefront, all models have a particularly small dispute that gives the bags edge and a completely unique expression that you will not find anywhere else. Creative solutions and crooked details mean that you will always feel very special with a clutch or bag from USMEUS.

Functional beauty

At USMEUS, it is crucial that aesthetics and functionality meet in beautiful association. Every detail is concerned with the appearance of the bags, but first and foremost, they must complete a practical function for everyday life and celebration. Therefore, we put a great deal of effort into ensuring smart and innovative solutions so that user-friendliness is always top notch. This can be seen in our popular leather clutch Mes Affaires. A clutch is a smaller bag that we take with us when we only need the most necessary. There is, however, nothing more annoying and time-consuming to stand with the head in the bag and not be able to find exactly what you are missing. Luckily, we can afford that with our leather clutches. The product can be folded all the way to a flat piece of skin, so you have the complete overview of the contents and can quickly locate what you are looking for. It’s the kind of small details that make our brand something special.

Delicious materials in a multitude of colours

Like functionality, sensible and smart material utilization is also an important focus of USMEUS. We value quality and respect for the raw materials. This means that the skin on our clutches and bags is processed as little as possible. In addition, the material is utilized to the best possible, so that little is wasted. Therefore, there may also be variation in the appearance of the bags, which simply adds a unique charm. We also pay tribute to the natural patina that leather gets over time. The skin may change colour and texture over time, but it also helps to give the bag personality. Bags are for use, and with a clutch in hand from USMEUS you have a nice accessory that you can enjoy year after year. There is also a bag for every taste, as our range offers a wide range of colour options. You can choose anything from a brave and eye-catching sun yellow or post box red to a more subdued model in army green or burgundy. Whatever you choose, you are sure to get a bag that radiates simple elegance, style and quality awareness.