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Graphic prints for the home: Say it with design

It seems impossible to open a home magazine without falling over graphic prints and details in the interior design. Regardless of whether they are posters, pictures or other home accessories, the trend is everywhere – and for a good reason. The stylish, minimalistic and simple expression fits perfectly to the modern and Nordic interior style that characterizes many Danish homes right now.

Stylish posters with personality

Do you dream of creating a warm and unique atmosphere in your home that highlights and supports your style and personality? A quick and easy shortcut to picking up the bare walls and renewing the home is by focusing on posters, which are also the highest fashion of the time. With just a few resources, you can give a room a much-needed facelift by hanging up a graphic poster from USMEUS. Our graphic quote posters are both hugely decorative and can adorn any wall while having lots of personality. The posters can be personalized by framing and highlighting certain words, phrases and expressions that you particularly love. It provides a unique design that comes with a message that will get the smile on your lip at yourself and your guests time and again. The posters come in two different designs with the possibility of drawing on both. You can either make the message permanent by drawing directly on the paper, or you can frame the quote posters and draw outside the glass, so you can continuously change the words by mood. The posters come in several delicious pastel colours and are printed at Plotteriet in Aarhus.

Send a sweet and aesthetic greeting

At USMEUS, aesthetics and personality go hand in hand. However, it is not only through posters on the wall that you can enjoy the unique and warm-hearted design. Our range also offers fine postcards with the special graphic print. You can either use the postage as an image you can hang up on the wall or notice board, allowing you to spread good mood with positive and inspiring words. You can also send the postcard to someone you love. The recipient can bring a few encouraging and sweet words along the way, which fits perfectly with them. It gives the gesture a personal touch that will undoubtedly be appreciated. The postcards come in two different designs, and the size is A5. They are also printed at Plotteriet in Aarhus.

Gather your thoughts in a stylish notebook

USMEUS is a brand that exploits the best use of materials so that nothing is wasted. We also live up to this philosophy when it comes to our range of accessories with graphic prints. In collaboration with Plotteriet in Aarhus we have designed a beautiful notebook that you can have with you on the go. The little book can be used as a sketch pad or notebook and is good for incorporating volatile thoughts and ideas into the daytime. Best of all, the book is made from excess paper from Plotteriet’s production. Spiced with USMEUS ‘graphic design, you get a product that is both aesthetic, functional and sustainable. The book comes with several different covers, where you can also highlight words and phrases that fit your personality.

With USMEUS you can say it both with words and design and get a unique element in the decor that radiates personality and warmth.