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Unique and multifunctional jewellery’s with edge

A jewellery is an indispensable element in any woman’s wardrobe. Often it is just the right jewellery that completes an outfit and makes it all work together. Like clothes, shoes and bags, the use of jewellery is an ideal way to express your style and personality and highlight the features that you are most fond of. Unlike many other things in the wardrobe, jewellery is, however, usually timeless and can be inherited after generation. Although you have many heirlooms with a large affective value in the jewellery box, you may sometimes need a small replacement and renewal.

Jewellery for any kind of taste

Jewellery has really become a focal point of the fashion scene, and no matter what style you are, there is a guarantee of finding a trend that matches your wishes. Some are for the simple and classic with discrete details. Others are more glamorous and eye-catching and are lured by huge stones in the world of colours and jewellery shining on the sun. Whether you prefer gold or silver, rose gold, oxidation or large diamonds, there is no doubt that a piece of jewellery is something you will enjoy for years.

Jewelry that suits you

When updating the jewellery box, it is important to find out what you want to express and which jewellery best radiates your personality. Also go for jewellery that beautifies you rather than the opposite, just as you do with your clothes. If you want elegant and long fingers, go for thin and discreet rings. If you want to emphasize a beautiful cavalry, you should choose a necklace with a longer pendant, and if you want your eye colour to come to its fullest, choose earrings in a shade that complements them. In other words, the right piece of jewellery can quickly change your whole look and do wonders for your appearance.
Jewelry with edge and personality USMEUS is a Danish design with a focus on timeless design with a dispute that adds a unique touch. This also applies to our jewellery collection, which offers a wide selection for the trendy woman who would like to stand out a bit. In the assortment you will find simple and elegant earrings, whether you are for discrete earbuds or models with more length and volume in both gold and silver. The collection has the name BAEKKE and consists of delicious basic jewellery that you can use again and again. The unique thing about all jewellery, however, is that you can design and change them yourself as needed. On the jewellery you can apply beads of different colours, so you can quickly change the jewellery to suit an outfit or mood. The beads can easily be clicked on and off and made of durable plastic. The silver jewellery is made of sterling silver, while the golden colours are made of nickel-free brass or gold-plated silver. The BAEKKE concept at USMEUS also offers bracelets and pendants for necklaces, all of which can be specially designed with beads in all colours according to your personal needs.