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Trendy mouse mats for the office

If you work in an office, you sit with a guarantee in front of a computer screen for many hours a day. Many of us, however, also spend countless hours in front of the desktop or laptop when we get home in the private, where to respond to mails, shopping online, chatting with friends, listening to music or games long night. In other words, we do not forget that we spend more and more time on digital media. Therefore, it is also important to make the time spent on the computer as comfortable as possible. Of course, the sitting position and the table height have a lot to say, but there is also another and very simple way to make the user experience better. A proper mouse pad can do wonders when navigating the computer.

Functional and gentle

How important can it really be to place the mouse on a surface? It may seem superfluous, but in fact there are several advantages to sticking to the mouse pad. The accessory first and foremost makes it much easier to control the mouse itself, as you have an even surface that is intended for the purpose. This means that you can save both time and frustration, because the mouse does not always chop or fail with your movements. In addition, mouse mats are also practical in terms of protecting and protecting your desk. Frequent use of the mouse can quickly cause nasty scratches and marks to appear on the table. This can effectively be avoided by letting the mouse run over a mat instead.

Both aesthetical and practical

Though mouse mats primarily serve a practical purpose and are designed to make time spent at the computer more fun, easier and more comfortable, the smart accessory can do much more than that. A mouse pad can also be a decorative element in the decor, which refreshes in either the office, the guest room, the living room or the teenage room. At USMEUS you will find mouse mats where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand in the best possible way. We have designed and developed the mouse pad MES AFFAIRES, which you also know from our purses and bags. The mouse pads have the same simple and stylish design added with lots of personality and edge through fresh and eye-catching colours. You can, among other things, choose from a fresh yellow, red or green or go for a more dimmed variant in black, cream or brown, whichever is best suited to your style and decor. The mouse pads are made of leather that ensures an exclusive look and durability.

With a USMEUS mouse pad in the office or at home, you are guaranteed a functional and stylish base for your mouse, which will undoubtedly make your everyday life easier, more fun and colourful.