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Smart purses that fit every taste

There are a few but important things that we must always have with us before we go out into the world. At the top of the list you will find the purse. A good purse accompanies us everywhere, whether we are going to work, shopping or partying. The small and practical container contains all our most treasured items ranging from cash to credit cards, receipts, keys and cell phone. In other words, our entire life is in our purse, and therefore its exterior must also match its valuable function.

A must in the bag

Every style-conscious woman has a fashionable and smart handbag over her arm before she walks out the door. In that bag there should also be a stylish purse that contains all the essentials. A purse serves far from just a practical purpose for storing crowns, banknotes and bank cards. No, the bag itself can also be a statement. Use it to express your personal style, just as you do with clothes, shoes and bags. A nice purse can be a fashionable element for your outfit that puts the right mark on it. Every time you take your purse out of your bag to pay at a restaurant or in a shop, you should be pleased to show a beautiful purse in a nice design that says something about your style.

Smart high-quality purses

When it comes to purses, there are several different options. You can choose the classic leather purse, where there is room for both cards and cash – or you can choose a larger model that can almost function as a small clutch. Only the imagination sets the limits. At USMEUS you will only find purses that exude quality, style and functionality. Our leather pouch Mes Affaires is made of the finest leather, which gives a durable and exclusive product. The purse comes in a rainbow of different colours, so you can find a variant that suits your style. If you like the classic and timeless, you can throw your love over the black or beige purse. However, you can also choose to incorporate a little more colour into your life by focusing on a purse in clear red, green, yellow or wine red. There is a colour for every taste. Besides being beautiful to look at, the purses are also extremely practical. They can be folded all the way to a flat piece, so you have a full overview of the content. The purses are also made with respect for the materials, as it is processed as little as possible and utilized so that there is a minimum of waste. Therefore, with a clear conscience, you can put a Mes Affair bag in your bag.

Cool coin purse for the keychain

Besides the traditional purse, you can also find another way to carry your valuables at USMEUS. With us you will also find a so-called coin purse – a small tiny purse that you can put in your keychain, so you always have little cash on you. The mini purse can store three 20’s or a stack of folded notes. That way you always have money for the bus, parking or a bottle of water in the kiosk, even if you forgot your real wallet at home. The smart coin purse also represents Danish design at its best, and is made of high-quality leather. The coin purse also comes in all the same colours as the purse, so you can match your set or create cool contrasts.

With a purse or coin purse from USMEUS you can pay your bills in style and get a fashionable and unique companion with you every time you go out the door.