BAEKKE brass bracelet without beads, size L

Bracelet in high quality brass without beads (sold separately).


The intention of the jewelry concept BAEKKE is a basic piece of jewelry you can have for many years - perhaps even for life. With the beads, you can decorate the bracelet and change its appearance as required, according to mood and outfit. You can buy more beads in other colors when you want :-)

The name BAEKKE comes from the Danish saying "Many little brooks (baekke) makes a large stream“.    
  • -This bracelet is made of high quality brass
  • -The beads are made of a durable plastic to ensure that they can be snapped on and off the bracelet over and over again.

BAEKKE is Danish design - with a twist. We love to mix materials and create flexibility and basis for many years of use :-)


Good to know about brass:


Brass oxidises in time and becomes brownish, so it needs to be polished. Brass is an alloy of copper and zink, and jewelry that contains copper can on some people cause a dark shadow on the skin. This is not dangerous and can be washed off. Acid, sweat and salt enhances this process.


Jewelry can get scratched and worn out at exposed areas, that are in contact with other surfaces like e.g. other jewelry. For that reason it is recommended, that you take your jewelry off, when you are sleeping, exercising or engaging in other activity that can scratch it.

Design your own:

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