BAEKKE hoop silver diam. 40 mm – 1 pcs.

Hoop in silver, diam. 40 mm – 1 pcs.

The hoop is sold separately per piece. You can add a pendant on e.g. 25 mm.

The intention of the jewelry concept BAEKKE is a basic piece of jewelry you can have for many years – perhaps even for life. With the beads, you can decorate the jewelry and change its appearance as required, according to mood and outfit. You can buy more beads in other colors when you want 🙂

The name BAEKKE comes from the Danish saying “Many little brooks (baekke) makes a large stream“.

  • This jewelry is made of brass, plated with 18 Karat gold (3 micron, which is recommended of danish goldsmiths).
  • The beads are made of a durable plastic to ensure that they can be snapped on and off the bracelet over and over again.

BAEKKE is Danish design – with a twist. We love to mix materials and create flexibility and basis for many years of use 🙂

Good to know about gold-plated silver:

Gold-plating is a very thin surface treatment, so the plating can be worn off at exposed areas that are in contact with other surfaces such as other jewelry. In order to keep the gold-plating intact for as long as possible, it is recommended that you take your jewelry off, when you are sleeping, exercising, swimming, bathing and sun bathing. You should also avoid, that the jewelry comes into contact with perfume, hairspray, chlorine and other chemicals.

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