FILL IT jewelry tray diam 120 mm

FILL IT jewelry tray diam 120 mm in beautiful recycled foam.

FILL IT is produced in Denmark in sustainable recycling foam. The foam is alway grey as base colour, but the coloured dots may differ from time to time, depending on which foam is being reused.

This little tray is perfect for small things, so you know where they are, when not in use. E.g. a fingerring, you don’t sleep with – or your headset.

You can of course also use it for your collection of BAEKKE beads 😉

The FILL IT jewelry trays comes in 4 sizes; diam 120, 144, 168 and 192 mm, so they also fit as lid on each other, e.g. diam 144 cand be used as a lid on diam 120 and so on 🙂


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