Net – lined, durable and sustainable

Lined shopping net with card, lined handle and straps for the shoulders – in the series UPcycled by UsMeUs – REused by YOU!

New legislation in Denmark means that shops can no longer give away plastic bags or sell them for less than 4 kroner and then you can quickly calculate that it really runs up within a year. Both for the economy and for the environment. THAT’S WHY a really good shopping network is a really good and sustainable investment!

This network is designed specifically for shopping – even heavy shopping. The handles are lined with fabric so they are round and do not cut in the hands when you are on a big-shopping. The network is extremely spacious, i.a. because it is square at the bottom, which allows better packing of many items in the net.

In addition, the net has straps in one run, which allows the net to be used over the shoulder – e.g. if you use it for yoga clothes or similar 😉

In this version, the net is practically dark on the outside and with a desire for, so you can more easily find things in it. The web also has a smaller, inside pocket for things you should be able to get to quickly 🙂

The net is sewn on Kentaur’s sewing room and from their leftover fabric, just like the gift bags 🙂 Kentaur makes durable workwear for i.a. the restaurant industry and largely uses fabrics of sustainable fibers in the form of BCI Cotton, Fairtrade cotton and Recycled Polyester, which i.a. is made from recycled plastic bottles.

So win-win with such a collaboration – their already sustainable fabric scraps will be UPcycled into a product you can have and use for years – that’s sustainable design and we LOVE it!

The bag can also be washed – up to 60 degrees!

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