Leather mousepads 21×21 cm – Apple green

Leather mousepad

Approximately 21 x 21 cm (8,27 x 8,27 inches)

MES AFFAIRES mousepad – a stylish accessory to your laptop.

This mousepad takes up almost no space in your bag and is the perfect base for your mouse!

The mousepad from MES AFFAIRES is Danish design – made in Denmark – following a line of thought that focuses on simplicity, usability and material utilization. This means that MES AFFAIRES products:

  • Are processed as little as possible to ensure easy production and use respectively
  • Takes it stand from the products original function and challenges thereafter
  • Utilizes the leather, meaning that we ensure that there are as few remains as possible. That implies that the product appearance and texture may vary, even if they are from the same piece of leather. In other words, all the clutches have a unique appearance.
  • Are made of leather, which is a natural material that changes during use. Colour and character may change and the leather might become softer – all depending on how and how much you use it. We call this patina and we love it because it is a clear sign that you use our product.
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