Usmeus is a Danish design brand with designs from designer Lene Schødt.

Even though UsMeUs offer an assortment of singular designs, they all share a common DNA. Our aim is that our design will make everyday life better and people happier. More specifically, we want our products to stand out from similar products that already exist on the market.

We love long lasting design! That is to say, those designs you would be a proud owner of for years. However, we cannot restrain ourselves from spicing it up and create a twist that makes room for the innovative, quirky or distinctive. 

To us, designs develop from a deficiency or need. Following this line of thought, our designs often contain features that have a very practical and unpretentious function.

At UsMeUs we strive to reach a synthesis of the aesthetic and the practical –

Welcome to UsMeUs 🙂